Kylix 2 freezes due to de{*word*81} ?

2004-04-26 04:16:50 PM
{Kylix 2 / Suse 7.2 / Kernel 2.4.22 / ÁP Duron}
Dear Kylix developers,
Since few time I have my Kylix IDE freezing after
ending an application started from it.
The only information I found on internet was to disable the de{*word*81}
and indeed no more freeze but very restrictive ...
I don't know if one of the classes/controls (DB, DBExpress...)
I'm using makes trouble to the de{*word*81} or ironicaly, the de{*word*81}
itself is bugged...
Does anyone already meet that problem ? and found a better solution ?
Nidyahia M.