NEW Re: Kylix 3/C++ trial w/RH Enterprise WS 3

2005-09-23 05:36:30 AM
Ivan Sims wrote:
I've downloaded the Kylix 3 trial and installed it on RH Enterprise WS 3.
Kylix/Delphi executes OK but Kylix/C++ Builder does not. I was told by
Borland support to check here. Any ideas?


I had exactly the same problem. I tried installing Kylix 3 on REHEL WS
4 first, with bad results. I then tried on WS 3, and most of the
graphical elements are OK, but the text is messed up or nonexistent
(especially next to icons), and functionality is just not there. I keep
getting the divide by zero error when I try to write in an new file
(even before I generate any code). I've tried setting nearly all the
options in KDE and Gnome, as well, and have searched the internet for
I was considering C++BuilderX, but it doesn't have the component panel,
may not be good for porting existing source from Windows to source under
Linux for compiles, and may not be consistent with the C++Builder6 and
earlier development line.
Any ideas?