Re: Kylix3 on SUSE 9 = Perfect // --file location

2004-12-16 01:06:34 PM
Luyten Philippe < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
Boguslaw Fries wrote:

>>Now, everything is fine!
>I have SUSE 9.1 with kernel 2.6.x . I just installed kylix3 open edition
>But after ANY compilation, my compiler get down with the very "famous
>Vmem.c : 90 !bad error code.
>I installed kylix3 as normal user ( not root ).
>I cannot simply use kernel 2.4.x because of company policy. I have to use
>SUSE 9.1
>Som my general question is: is kylix3 for me?
>Anybody has any solution for this situation?
>Sincerely Yours
>Boguslaw Fries
Seems fine but where is "StartDelphi/StartBCB" script to edit, I'm just busy
to migrate from windows then a little bit slow to understand.
Many thanks,
Try looking in /usr/local/kylix3/bin. Otherwise these two script files should be in the same folder as the kylix binary files (and the files).