system hang not solved

2004-04-03 10:25:26 PM
last time i wrongly mentioned the problem
I am having Red hat 9 and i am having the Kylix downloaded Open edition and
its Update
I want to use delphi in Kylix environment, not C++
my problem is when i run(F9) from kylix environment with some code written
or without it the Kylix gets hangs.This problem is having in all the system
with Red hat 9.0.I haven't encounterd any other problem than the above one.
in the last post i got the below link as reply
from that link me downloaded and used k3fix.tgz as per instruction.But i
was not successfull in my attempt
what is the use of k3fix.tar.bz2 ?
If i use Red hat 7.1/7.2 will my problem solved?