the one-dollar-smile game

2004-08-11 04:29:19 AM
the one-dollar-smile game is a game where you can get one dollar (or
euro) and a smile.
a smile is a funny picture, a nice phraze, a joke or anything else
that will make you smile.
how to play?
*you take 6 one-dollar bills (or euro, or a coin of the same vallue,
where you live) and put it in an envelope with your smile.
*you send these 6 envelopes to the 6 people written below
*you cross the first name off the list, making person number 6 on the
place, number 5 on the 4th place etc.
*you put your own name and address on the 6th spot.
*toy keep spredding the game on the net or by talking to your friends
any other way.
and thats it.
within one to two weeks you will begin to get bills and smiles from
all over the world, and who knows, maybe even get yourself some new
i got the aquivalent of 12 dollars on the first week, so there's no
worrying about the 6 dollars invested.
hope you will join us!
the current list:
1. Eran Mizrahi, haAgur 5, Zur Moshe 42810, israel
2. Meir Amar, Sirkin 1/1 ,kiryat Ata 28202, israel
3. Yael & Offer Levin, Kibbuz Kfar-Giladi, Galil Elyon Mobile Post
Office, 12210, israel.
4. Shulamit Ganz, P.O Box 307, Zur Hadasa 99875, israel
5. Matan Nottie, Misgav Yuvalim Mobile Post Office, 20142, israel
6. cluches, P.O Box 23316, King George, Tel Aviv 61232, israel