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Declan Dunn's 7 Warning Signs of an Unprofitable Web Site!

2006-04-02 11:26:28 PM
For those of you who prefer to view it as HTML version visit:
1. Selling To Everyone Means You Sell to No One
If you do not target your offer, it will confuse your customers. People are not patient. In a recent survey, 73% of people claimed to be "insanely busy". If you do not develop a target customer profile and appeal directly to them, you will lose customers. And they will never come back to your site again.
2. Web Flea Market: Buy a Web Site or Get a Grocery Coupon
People are selling Web Sites, classified advertising, pre-paid legal services, long distance phone cards, and reminder services via affiliate programs...All on the same Web Page!
Think about that the next time you go to your grocery store. Do they offer to sell you a Web Site with your pickles? Flea markets diminish the value of what you are selling. Most people who own these sites tell me they depend on selling a high volume of low price items. How do I know this is a doomed approach? Visit their sites and see if there is any life there.
3. Huge graphics that make your site take 30 seconds to open, which is all the time you have to sell your customer on staying.
The worst thing about computers is that they enable us to do things we just should not be doing. Graphic design is a skill; most people get some Paint program and have absolutely no sense of size, or what the graphic makes them look like. If you want to SCREAM AT YOUR AUDIENCE AND BE OBNOXIOUS, then use big graphics.
4. This site has XXXX number of visitors (How many bought?)
Does it really matter to anyone how many people visit your store? The sure sign that a store is visited often is the success and profits of the owner. All the rest is empty bragging.
6. Explaining what technology you use, frames, etc.
To this day it amazes me how people explain the technical design of their Web Page. If you use any reference to technology, you are distracting your customer. Keep it simple.
6. Download the following plug-ins to get this site working.
No one will spend ten minutes downloading the plug-in to see your cutesy message. Avoid plug-ins, with the possible exception of Real Audio.
7. No place to send an email, or gain a free report.
After spending all this time to create a site, most people forget to ask for inquiries. They just think people will work hard to contact them. Assume that a person will visit your site once, and never return unless you remind them to via email.
These tips and tricks are brought to you by Declan Dunn, someone who really knows what he is talking about in the internet marketing industry, as you can see above. Currently he provides a book that will go into detail explaining how to become number one at the affiliate game, something we believe very strongly in. Feel free to check out his site at: You won't be dissapointed!
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Re:Declan Dunn's 7 Warning Signs of an Unprofitable Web Site!

For those who prefer the HTML version visit:
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Improve your customer service: Your blog can act as a kind of interactive FAQ, allowing your customers to submit questions and you to answer them.
You can also provide product updates, "How-to" articles, and other information of relevance to your customers. And prospective customers who see your blog will be encouraged by your commitment to good customer service!
Give your target market the information they're looking for: With its automatic archiving feature -- by date and category -- a blog is a fantastic content management system. It's easy for you to post new information on a regular basis, and it's easy for your visitors to find the information they want.
With a well-written, regularly updated blog, you can become a reliable resource in your industry, and build a following of loyal readers who depend on your content. These people will be your best potential customers!
Drive traffic to your sales web site: If you already have a web site, a blog can give your traffic levels a real boost. For starters, your blog will attract new visitors that you can then redirect to your main sales web site through links and special offers.
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Promote your products or services: You can actually sell products directly from a blog, or you can use your blog to mention new products and direct your visitors to your sales web site.
Generate extra income: There are now several advertising programs available, such as, that allow you to monetize your blog and generate an extra revenue stream.
There are many small business owners who are using blogs to benefit their business right now... with some spectacular results. We've come across farmers, PR consultants, tailors, CEOs, and many more who blog with great success...
Three Key Tips for Starting Your Own Highly Effective Business Blog
E{*word*277}d yet? You should be -- blogging's not just a winning strategy, it's also a lot of fun!
I'm having a great time with my new blog, Candid Internet Marketer</a>. Like anything, it takes some time and effort to build a successful blog. (In fact, I didn't want to start a blog until I was sure I could devote enough time to keeping it updated).
However, the beauty of blogging is that you can easily incorporate it into your daily schedule of tasks. You can even blog when youíre on the road -- which I am frequently!
But what does it take to become a really successful blogger?
Great content: If your content isn't interesting and relevant to your target market, your blog wonít work. It's as simple as that.
You'll be surprised, however, how easy it is to find things to write about if you really put your mind to it. It could be news articles about your industry, product updates, interviews, personal insights into topics of importance to your target audience...
Regular updating: I won't lie to you: there are some days when I really find it hard to find the time to post a new article. But if I donít post, no one will come back. It's like subscribing to a daily newspaper but only getting a copy delivered now and then!
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Your own distinct voice: It's important that you write in your own voice. A blog is no place for formality and corporate speak. It's more of a forum... a place where ideas can flourish, and topics of current interest can be debated. You don't even need to be a brilliant writer... you just need to be able to relate to your audience and give them good content.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Derek Gehl specializes in teaching real people how to start profitable Internet businesses that make $100,000 to $2.5 Million (or more) per year. To get instant access to all his most profitable marketing campaigns, strategies, tools, and resources that he's used to grow $25 into over $40 Million in online sales, visit:
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