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2005-08-26 01:35:35 AM
raktzo schrieb:
..I knew...after my own...
Can I've a link? Or help this object?
The link is above in this thread with a simple "readme". Here again the
I'll update the version soon.
The next version will be able to produce anti-aliased font-images for
alpha channelled PNG's
See demo:
Or see it your Browser: (Mozilla, Konqueror, Safari will do, not sure
about IE)
This font-image is not aware of the background at creation time.
It saves alpha-blending info in the PNG.
Modern Browsers can combine (blend) these images with the background at
rendering time.
The HTML for the above demo looks like:
<body background="bag.png">
<a href=""><img src="testalph.png" border=0></a>
So you see that the background is a different image than the font-image
placed on it, although it looks like combined in a imaging tool.

Re:Re: X-less Bitmap

Here's an update: (at the bottom of "Components")
- Demos for VCL, Lazarus and CLX
- Save text with your fonts to PNG with alpha-transparency. These will
look fine on any background in newer browsers (Mozilla/Firefox,
Konqueror/Safari, IE..)
- Watermarks