Thinking about making more money? Try automation

2005-09-02 01:36:55 AM
There is a saying that you probably have heard. "If
you continue doing what you have always done, you will
always get what you always got"
Granted, this may be ok for some and that's alright,
but if for any reason you are caught in a situation
where you have no chance of moving up, or are not
making enough money to do the things in life that you
would like to do, then maybe you should listen to me
for a few minutes.
I too was caught in this situation for many years. I
felt like my life was wasting away while I was working
my {*word*82}off making someone else rich. Somehow that
just didn't seem right, so I decided to do something
about it.
Great decision on my part. Today I am free. I don't
have a boss(except my wife).We get along just fine now
that we don't have anything to worry about.
Going in business for myself was a dream I always had,
but everytime I got serious about it something always
got in the way. You probably know that feeling.
I soon realized that if ever I was going in business
for myself, I had better get started and let nothing
stand in my way. Most of what was standing in my way
was nothing but EXCUSE'S anyway.
Life is too short to dillay dally around and worry
about stuff that really don't matter a darn.
So, I did what I should have done long before I
actually did. I didn't want to get in something that
took years to show a profit, so I turned to the
internet. BANG, what a phenomenon this is. Holy cow,
why isn't everybody doing this? Well that wouldn't be
good either, would it?
But, I can tell you some fact's. Those of us that are
working on the internet, and doing it the right way,
have never looked back and that's what I want to bring
to your attention now.
Don't change channel's on me yet. Stick with me for
just a little bit longer.
I want to introduce you to something that at first you
are not going to believe. Get the negatives out of
your mind right now because we have been in business
world wide for over 10 years and we are associated
with the largest business in the world doing almost 5
(yes thats TRILLION)dollars a year and growing.
Bingo, just what I was looking for. Wait until you
hear this. $1,000 dollars commission is the absolute
least commission you will make, and to make it even
better you get paid immediately, no waiting for your
Now I ask, what could be better? Oh! before I forget,
we do all the selling for you. All you have to do is
send us the people to talk to (We show you how to do
that) and then we send you a check for $1,000 dollars.
I could go on an on about this fantastic opportunity,
but what I'm going to ask you to do right now is click
on the this URL and let it do the talking for me.
Thanks for you time, I hope we will meet again so I
can send you to the bank on a daily basis.
Warm Regards,
Carroll Paynw
Paradigm Marketing Center
2817 Parkview La
Bedford Texas, 76022
1-800-587-9046 ext 2322
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