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2005-04-04 04:36:35 PM
You can make your own fortune giving away free advertising. I know it is hard to believe that you make more money off your free members than you do off your paid ones but it's true.
Here is why. This is a product that everyone wants and it is free.
Most people sign up as a paid affiliate because they see the income potential from just signing up free members. You see free members don't get paid they only get one level of free advertising. As a paid member I get 7 levels of advertising. So for every free member I get, I receive 6 levels of advertising with and every paid member that they bring in down to infinity. Only 10% of my people are free members yet I make more of them then all the rest combined.
My free members can upgrade when they see how much money they are loosing but I keep all the people they brought in before that.
Free members also bring in more free members who also become mine and all of their paid members. The funny thing is it is actually hard to get someone to join for free. It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I still make money off the paid members but it is less than what I get off the free ones.
Check it out. Free or Paid I know you will love it.
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