Re: Neverwinter Nights

2003-08-07 06:51:48 AM
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Excellent stuff!

I read an article a year or two back that said that Delphi was the best
development tool to write games in. You got the speed of C++ and the
ease of development. The article predicted that there would be quite a
few top-notch games popping up that had been written using Delphi. So
far, I've heard of at least 3 good games that are written in Delphi.
Who knows whether there are more that haven't been publicly acknowledged
just yet.
Age of Wonders II was... what other ones do you know of?
Of course, NWN could've been written in C++ using C++Builder and Kylix
C++. Guess we'd need someone to confirm that though...
It could very well have. Perhaps they did... otherwise, how else to
explain the relative 'ease' with which they ported NWN (again!) to Mac:
I somehow doubt they're running some sneaky pre-release version of Kylix
4 with Mac chipset support ;)
I'm sure Danny & crew just have *so* much time on their hands to do such
things ;)
Cheers :)
-- Ritchie Annand
Senior Software Architect