"How to Change your Website to Keep your Hard Earned Visitors!"

2006-03-23 01:40:10 AM
In the past few days I've been poking around the web looking at links. And for the most part they are boring, boring, boring! On some sites there is absolutely nothing about the links that would interest me in clicking through to find out more. So I don't!
For example, let's say a visitor is checking through some weight loss sites because she is worried about the ever increasing number of pounds she and her mate are accumulating. After surfing several sites that look like the one below, it could get boring. She'll probably give up after a bit and just go away!
Hi, welcome to Joe's Weight Loss Center. We have 20 years of experience in helping people lose weight. We have lots of really great stuff for sale here that may help you lose weight too!
Weight Loss Products
Why on earth would a visitor ever stay at this site, or click on any of the links? There may be some really great products and information hidden behind the links but there is nothing compelling or interesting about them. There is nothing that screams click me, click me! This visitor who is already semi-motivated... is surfing around looking for information... she wants good information on losing weight... she wants to get motivated. And your job is to do just that!
What a different story it would be if she came to YOUR site and saw this:
At SlimAndTrim.com. you will find out about how to lose weight! You will learn to make healthy and easy choices... choices that are simple to implement and that result in a better way to eat well and feel satisfied. Lose weight now and keep it off!
-Find Out Why You Haven't Been Able To Lose Weight...Yet!
-Lose Up To 5 Pounds a Week Simply By Changing Your Eating Strategies!
-Fun Ways To Increase Your Metabolic Rate So That Pounds Melt Away
-Great Tasting Recipes That Leave You Feeling Filled and Satisfied
-How To Get And Stay Motivated!
-Here's How Oprah and Suzanne Sommers Have Done It... You Can Too!
Your visitor is probably going to stick around for awhile, because the links specifically address her problem. They offer to give her information about her problem and help on how to solve it! She came to your site semi-motivated and now you've taken her to the next.
In the "Insiders Secrets Course," I talk about the importance of creating effective headlines... basically your links should be mini-headlines. They should be solving people's problems. They should be benefit laden ads for what your visitor will find when they click through on them. They should compel your audience to find out more. They should be interesting! If you haven't yet picked up the course, I suggest you do as it has been coined the "bible" for marketing your business on the internet. In it, you will find tons of unconventional techniques that will allow you to explode your business on the Internet. Visit www.marketingtips.com/t.cgi/865420 to get more information and get a copy of the course today!
Your site could be filled with loads and loads of excellent material... but your visitor won't know that until they get inside. You need to tell your visitor that you have the answers to their problems. You need to motivate your visitor to stick around. You need to get your visitor clicking into your site so that you can lead them to buy your products or services.
It is important that every element of every single page of your site is designed to lead your visitors into a buying decision. One of the most critical elements on your web page is your links. Check them out now... and make sure they capture your visitor's interest. Make sure they get people to click into your site, and keep them there until they buy!
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