Lazarus was: Re: New Unofficial VisualCLX patches version 3.3

2004-04-14 08:51:16 PM
What does freepascal lack in comparison to delphi?

For what I have seen, the main missing feature from
Lazarus is dynamic package loading.
Though Indy has recently been reported as compilable,
it still doesn't run.
With some effort (depending on the complexity of your app)
you still can code network apps in the old fashion
using sockets.
There are MySQL and Postgres dataset components available
but they don't come pre-compiled in the last win32
For now, while it's still in beta stage, if you want to
add components to the component palette, you have to
recompile Lazarus itself.
Other than that I think I could use it with a little
effort, as the IDE still needs a bit of polishing.
If you don't need to develop complex networked apps,
and you don't need dynamic package loading, Lazarus
at its current stage is well worth having a look at.