CLX Open source visual DB components

2004-09-30 06:50:09 PM
I am developing DB visual components that are working with FIB
( We are using these components in our project. Not
long time ago I started to get more and more exceptions connected with
memory, bitmaps and canvas. I found out that I don't have enough time and
experience to fix this problem.
I want to ask if anybody would be interested to help me fix these problems
and to make these components Open source?
Components descriptions:
Sorting (can sort using several fields)
Filtering (builtin query builder)
Column autoresizing
Columns can be set visible and invisible
Multiple states saving and restoring
Advanced multiselection
Advanced drop down editor
Drop down that is not using locate (good for big tables)
Drop down with filtering and sorting (drops down TDBSortFindGrid)
and more..
Added copy record capability
Confirmation about not posted record
and more...
So if anyone is interested to make these components open source and help me
to fix these errors, post a message in this newsgroup.