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The weekly FAQ item about the Pascal newsgroups' reorganization Timo Sal0 by Timo Sal
SetVisualPage(); graphics pages SEARLE WHITNE4 by Sergey Vasilchiko
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The weekly FAQ item about the Pascal newsgroups' reorganization Timo Sal0 by Timo Sal
Can't Install - Too Many Subdirectories Art Johnsto7 by Rick Harke
Turbo Pascal Frequently Asked Questions, a monthly pointer Timo Sal11 by Dr John Stockto
MBF to IEEE conversions Tony Toole0 by Tony Toole
IEEE to Pascal conversions Tony Toole4 by Tony Toole
APPEND to a file of record typed file Kho Hui Kia9 by Horst Kraem
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Wallpaperprogram Christoph Seehofe3 by TWiSTE
What was final version of Borland Pascal 7? Eric Engelman5 by TWiSTE
Unit for XM,S3M,MOD TWiSTE0 by TWiSTE
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