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TPW1.5/RW Dialog boxes Flash Gordo3 by Martin Kru
integral prog. Evies Nebe1 by Timo Sal
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read strings and integers from a file Mike Copela0 by Mike Copela
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Virtual Pascal 2.0 Beta released yet???? nona1 by The African Chi
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Programming Techniques Dana1 by Jani Mikkone
Programming questions Dana2 by Jani Mikkone
TP7 graphics Evan 3 by Evan
Reboot Timo Sal0 by Timo Sal
String-Text Question Alon Singe2 by Dr John Stockto
GIF to BMP for TP/BP/BPW - anybody have ? Arminio Grg0 by Arminio Grg
convert amount to words Kai-Philipp Mar4 by Frank Peel
Hiding the cursor Ted Pavli13 by Frank Peel
BP7 & DLL Denis Fourr1 by Remco Vi?to
Get the source code for a cool network game Jens Axelse0 by Jens Axelse
pointers Dragon91 by Ing. Franz Glase
Borland Pascal 7.0 - Turbo Vision Units Ing. Franz Glase3 by Ing. Franz Glase
APM BIOS interrupts Angrymo2 by Steven Kris
reading 3ds-file.. Anders Pederse1 by Arnaud Poulai
making a PackDate procedure Andrew McLachl5 by Antivivisektion e. A patch of the TP files for the 200MHz delay bug, A.Bauer Timo Sal0 by Timo Sal
ROT13 (was Re: [req] Lips / Kiss) Hilton Janfiel9 by Mark Iuzzoli
Decompilation Matthew Richar3 by Osmo Ronkan
Function Exponent Byte0 by Byte
Using a modem in Turbo Pascal 7.0 Jim Persso5 by Dr John Stockto Code to decompress zipped files, S.Goehler, G.Brown Timo Sal0 by Timo Sal
Mine-Sweeper the Game!!! Leo Dragu2 by Remco de Kort
Help With Turbo Pascal 7 TacoLuv0 by TacoLuv
Zip Source Chri1 by Stefan Goehle
The weekly FAQ item about the Pascal newsgroups' reorganization Timo Sal1 by Timo Sal
WAV-files Michel van der Heijde2 by Stefan Goehle
modem protocol Doningto0 by Doningto